Excited for the future!! 

Whats up everybody! Tim Here. I'm sure you've noticed that we havent been very active in the last year or so. We have taken some time off to rest and regroup. To be clear, we are still together and still writing and recording music. We have even played a few shows in the last few months. We have also changed our line-up somewhat. We have scaled back to a four piece with Randy Reeve on drums, Anthony Henry on guitar and backing vox, Dan Parks on guitar and bass and I am still handling the lead vox as well as guitar and bass. We are stoked to have added Dan Parks to the family. He brings a great deal of talent and energy to the band. We will be playing out again real soon so get ready!!! We also have a new 6 track EP for sale. You can access it by clicking the music icon on the home page and use paypal. In the mean time, you can download the single "Again" for free. Just click the download button on that track. It will ask you to join the mailing list and then the track will be available for download. Horns up!!!\,,/\,,/

New Website 

Whats up everybody!!! Welcome to our new website. We will be adding more content shortly, but for now click through and let us know what you think of the set up. We appriciate any and all input!!


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